Case Studies


John Robert Wristwatches

JRW logo

The project: John Robert Wristwatches was a luxury watch startup, hoping to fund their first production run via a Kickstarter campaign.

The brand was after more than just website copy. They needed a strong brand voice to set them apart in an extremely competitive market.

Results: Media coverage of the Kickstarter campaign (rather unusually) made special mention of the branding and, in particular, the website copy:

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Andrew Williams, Founder & CEO of  Agility Consulting Group

Andrew Williams

The project: I met Andrew when he approached me to refresh his professional bio. He was looking to raise his profile and build authority through podcast and speaking gigs.

After assessing his goals and existing copy, we settled on a rewrite of his bio and ‘speaking’ services landing page.  You can check those out on his website,

Results at a glance: 4 podcast appearances and 3 speaking gigs booked in within just 2 months.

This is what he had to say about his experience working with me as a copywriter:

I wasn’t looking for a copywriter. I didn’t really know what they did. What value could they provide? Besides I have written a book, why would I want someone to write for me? I followed Carolyn on Twitter, out of the blue, and was struck with how beautifully she wrote. So I checked out her web page and I sat there dumbstruck, thinking, why can’t I write like that.

I didn’t think anything of it until I a friend gave me some feedback that my speaking bio needed more pizazz if it was going to get me to the front of the queue of being considered for podcasts and speaking engagements.  So I thought of Carolyn. I didn’t know what to expect and did wonder what magic could Carolyn perform. I mean writing is writing, isn’t it?

When I asked Carolyn for a proposal she went beyond what I had asked for. She gave me ideas that I hadn’t considered and simply by submitting her proposal had already added value. I engaged her knowing intuitively that this was going to make a difference. We spent an hour on a zoom call where Carolyn asked my some great questions. I had done these type of interviews before but not with the same depth or curiosity. I knew it was standard practice but it felt more than that.  Carolyn was looking deep inside me in a way that was going to enable her bring me alive on a page.

Then I got the copy. See, I know the lingo now. The first thing I did was send it to a colleague and told them to take a look at what was written. Not easily impressed, they were more than impressed. The best way I can describe what had been written was simply wow! Carolyn had spent 60 minutes with me and produced this brilliant bit of writing that I could be proud of. It not only met the brief but it captured me in a way that I am not sure I could or was willing to get to.

It actually made proud to sell myself and I haven’t had a problem with that in the past but this felt different. In the last 2 months since I have done 2 podcasts, booked in to do another 2 and have 3 speaking engagements lined up. I would say most of that is due to the copy work Carolyn did for me. I am also more confident to get my message out there knowing my story is worth hearing.

So this is an unashamedly big plug. 3 months ago I did not know Carolyn. Now I am glad I do both from the perspective that she is one of the loveliest and most helpful individuals I have met virtually (we haven’t met in person) but that she has added so much already to my business.

I highly recommend her services but not only that, your life will be richer just meeting her.