Cheat Sheet

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Mission: I’m a conversational copywriter who helps businesses of all shapes and sizes find their “voice.”

Writing Services:  website copy, emails, whitepapers, e-books, brochures, marketing materials, outgoing phone messages and more.

Editing Skills: Adept at turning stuffy, corporate-jargony or hyperactive, over-caffeinated copy into one that speaks your brand’s natural voice.

Acumen: As a skilled conversational copywriter, I’ll craft your brand’s voice to sound like an actual person – someone your customers will feel they know, like and trust. As an ex-marketer, I’ll always ‘back up the bus’ and make sure your project meets your business goals before diving in.

Process: I begin every project with a detailed Copy Brief – essential for copy that genuinely and authentically connects with your customers.

Caveat:  I started out a thinking I could write anything for anybody. Full disclosure: I can’t. I have a particular voice and it’s not going to suit every brand.

Brands I’ve worked with:


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