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“As a former journalist and copywriter myself, I have incredibly high standards for the writers I work with.

Carolyn is one of the best copywriters I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a breezy, easy-to-read style which means you’re well down the page before you realise you’ve been craftily stealthed by a copywriting professional.

I have engaged her on a number of critical projects including web copy, blog posts, white papers, case studies and online lead magnets

One lead magnet copy deck Carolyn wrote continues to be the highest converting content piece in my online stable.

If you need a copywriter that will take the time to understand your customers and then deliver, you’ve stumbled across a gem in Carolyn.”

Everard Hunder
Everard Hunder
Chief Marketing Officer
Marketing Advisory Board Member


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Carolyn. From the client briefing meeting – which was a lot of fun, as well as being usefully thought provoking – through to supplying me with fantastic copy that made what I do sound enticing and authentic, I could not have been happier.”

il_fullxfull-355511472_sxxqMeredith Lewis
Creative Mentor and Facilitator
Dangerous Meredith


“Carolyn provided Realcorp professional and engaging content for our website. What I really liked about Carolyn was that she invested the time and energy to understand Realcorp, how we operate and our values, before commencing her work. She then discretely input her understanding of us and our views into her work which made it unique to Realcorp.

I’ve worked with other copy writers before and none of them invested time in understanding us before they commenced their writing and we could easily tell upon reviewing their work that it was generic and far less engaging.

Carolyn uses a conversational writing style while maintaining a professional edge. In an SEO driven era where companies focus more on key words and content volume than content quality, we and our audience have found it surprisingly easy and enjoyable to read through content that Carolyn has created, even if the topic could be seen as traditionally non-engaging.”

John Reale

John Reale
Managing Director
Realcorp Commercial Cleaning


“We were looking for a writer to create content to inform and inspire business owners… and Carolyn delivered on all fronts! She readily understood Tenfold’s brand and style of communication.

Approaching her work with energy and curiosity, I found Carolyn great to collaborate with because she understood the outcome we were aiming for and her contributions were on point.

Always flexible and responsive, Carolyn understands the importance of deliverables, planning them out in advance so that work is produced on or ahead of schedule. With exceptionally high standards, Carolyn is also great at seeking and adopting feedback.

Put simply, Carolyn really got us. The content she produces is consistently on-brand and in Tenfold’s tone of voice. Our confidence in Carolyn is such that we recommended her to our clients for their content needs.”

Tania Baker 2

Tania Baker
Practice Manager
Tenfold Business Coaching