Let’s do this!

So, you’d like me to write something for your website, blog or marketing materials? Great.
(See, I knew I liked you)

I do most of my work via email, with a little telephonic communications thrown in for good measure. It tends to work out easier (and cheaper) that way – meetings will add time and therefore cost to your project fee.

If you are in Melbourne, Australia, I can meet up with you to chat about the words if that’s how you like to roll. If not, then hooray for the Internet.

How much?
Will you love your copy? Oh, so much.

Oh, you mean the cost of my excellent copywriting services?

I know, I know… you were hoping for a price list.

I’m not trying to ruin your day – it’s just that experience has taught me that your copywriting job will require its very own, custom-fit quote. This means no nasty surprises come invoice time. I, for one, hate surprises that aren’t chocolate.

To give you an idea, however –
I don’t roll with the bargain-basement e-lancing crowd but I’m currently chilling out on Success Mountain’s base-camp, so that places me somewhere around… low-ish to average*.

Feel free to shop around, though. You may find a few cheaper copywriters (and LOTS of more expensive ones). It’s OK. I’ll wait…


Oh, you’re back? See what I mean. You get what you pay for**. Except in my case, because your dollar will buy waaaay more awesome with me (so I am excellent value).

So, what do we do now? It’s OK, I have a plan! 

Phase 1: Make contact
Shoot me an email with your contact details. This is a great chance to give me some idea of the scope of your project. Broad-stroke details like:

  • What is the copy for? (Website? Brochure? Blogs? Email?)
  • How much copy do you need? (Eg how many web pages?)
  • Have you made a start? (Do you want existing collateral updated or are we starting from scratch? Will your project require a lot of research?)
  • How long do you want it to be (eg do you want short, snappy 400-500 word blogs or mammoth 2000 word beasties?)
  • When do you need it by? (It is reasonably safe to assume that I will need a minimum of two weeks before I can get started on your copy, but I might be able to fit you in sooner so let me know!)

Phase 2: Proposal
All the information gathered in the first phase will help me prepare my proposal (a complete and finalised quote). It will include any extra bits and bobs included in your project – typically two rounds of amends, research and other incidentals. Like I said, no surprises.

Phase 3: Initial payment of 50% upfront
Before I can begin work, I require payment equivalent to half the project fee. If the project it is less than $250 then it is 100%. If your requirements are ‘ongoing’ (eg for a series of blog posts) we can negotiate the terms of payment to suit us both.

Phase 4: The Brief
Over to you! I’ll send you a briefing document that will interrogate you mercilessly about your copy and content needs. I know you thought your homework days were behind you, but this is a really important step. The more info I get in the brief, the more insightful my copy can be.

Phase 5: On the tools!
Once I have the signed-off proposal, brief and initial payment, I start work on your drool-worthy copy. You’ll soon be receiving a first draft.

Phase 6: Ch..ch..ch..changes
I typically include two rounds of amendments in my project fee (ie up to three versions: first draft, second draft and final draft). Any further rounds of changes will incur my hourly rate.

Phase 7: Sign-off
Take some time to really get to know your copy. You’ll be together for a long time, after all.

Phase 8: Final payment
My job’s done and everyone’s happy. Please pay within 7 days of receiving your invoice and we’ll all be even happier!

You are now the proud owner of some sensational wordage. Enjoy.


*You should note that is quite possibly the only way in which I am ‘average’.
**How good can a $5 blog really be? You’d have to be someone with Passion Pop taste on a tap-water budget to justify that decision (no offence).