Conversational copywriting your customers can relate to.

Hello there. You must be looking for a copywriter. No? Maybe a writer… or freelance writer? Maybe you were searching for something more specific like ‘business blogs’, ‘website copy’, ‘content creator’ or ‘email marketing’?

Well (unless you’ve accidentally fallen asleep on your keyboard) you’ve ended up here, so it’s safe to say that you must be after some words, right?

Here’s the thing: I write the words. Not just any words; the ones that will help you connect with your customers by talking to them not at them.

That’s nice but shouldn’t copy sell stuff?

Yeah, nah. Salesy copy makes people stabby.

It’s like walking into a shop and having the sales assistant run up to you, wave stuff in your face and shout in your ear. Apparently, it makes the part of your brain that senses danger lights up like Times Square.

Not great for winning friends and influencing people.

Or opening wallets.

Most customers prefer it when businesses just talk to them. No jargony weasel-words. It is best to just tell them what they need to know. In their language.

Conversion is about building relationships

People buy people. It helps if your customers feel like they know, like and trust you. Real connection takes honesty, respect … and maybe a little vulnerability.

This is where conversational copy comes into its own. If you talk like a duck, it seems more likely that you will walk like a duck (and your customers will instinctively know that you are birds of a feather).

What about SEO?

The thing about SEO, is that while copy and keywords are important, they’re just one piece of a very complicated puzzle. There’s a lot of back-end techie stuff that makes up the larger share of that particular pie.

But consider this. Large numbers of customers are searching for your products or services using voice search. Yep, they are talking to their phones. Increasingly.

That’s going to change the SEO game. Your content will have a much better chance of being found by the Google bots if you talk to your customers the same way they talk to their devices. Easy, right?

Not so much.

It can take a lot of skill (and work) to find your brand’s conversational voice

Even once you’ve found it, your customers want to feel like they’re talking to the same person every time and everywhere they find your brand.

That’s where I come in. As a skilled conversational copywriter, I can help you find your brand’s voice and keep it consistent across your business.

Won’t it sound unprofessional?

Speaking conversationally doesn’t have to mean super casual. More… business casual. For some brands that may be the copy equivalent of a loud Hawaiian shirt and thongs. Others require a well-pressed chino and Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

Either way, it takes a deep understanding of your customers to speak to them in their own language. I can help with that.

Think that this conversational copy stuff might be just what you’ve been searching for?

Smart cookie.

Right now you have two options:

a) Short on time? Head straight to the Cheat Sheet for the TL;DR version

b) Go on a pick-a-path stroll through the rest of my site. (Psssst… it’s probably best you start here.)