A little bit about me…


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I’m Carolyn, a conversational copywriter who helps businesses of all shapes and sizes find their ‘voice’.

Not the stuffy corporate-jargony or hyperactive, over-caffeinated one that you’ve been led to believe will somehow bamboozle potential customers into clicking the “buy” button. I am talking about your brand’s natural voice – the one that sounds like an actual person. Someone your customers can relate to.

I just don’t buy the idea that the ‘right words’ create some sort of wormhole into people’s bank accounts. Instinct and experience tell me that the written word can be mighty powerful. But those powers can (and should) be used for good. You don’t need to ‘trick’ people into buying stuff.

Every salesperson worth their branded polo shirt knows that connection leads to conversion. A conversational style of copy is your key to sparking and nurturing an instant and personal connection with your customers. What happens next is up to you.

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How I came to be a conversational copywriter

When you start freelancing as a copywriter you hear a lot about the importance of ‘niche-ing down’. So, of course, I tried writing about a lot of different things for all different kinds of people.

I tried writing just for small businesses. I wrote website copy specifically for tradies. I created content about disability, mindset, innovation, creativity, infertility, parenting, hospitality, health… the list goes on. I loved all of it (which was not very niche-y of me).

When I eventually discovered conversational copywriting, I finally felt like I’d found a place where I could kick my shoes off, flop down on the couch and pop my feet up on the coffee table. It just fit.

Brands I’ve done this conversational copywriting thing for:


What other experience do I bring to the table?

I began my career as a copywriter… in a marketing analyst role at Avon Australia.

On my first day I was heartbroken. It wasn’t at all what I had envisioned during my university days when I dreamed of creating famous ad campaigns for big brands.

I decided to claw my way back towards a career in writing. It took some deft sideways manoeuvres and a few lucky breaks to finally add “copywriter” to my resume.

In lots of ways I am grateful for the struggle. My marketing background has turned out to be a bit of an asset in my copywriting business.

I also got to work for some great companies along the way including Avon (which was a great job as it turned out!), Mitre 10, Coles (Vintage Cellars) and Spotless.

In another life, I have also worked as a sales assistant in a cut-price menswear store, a wedding singer … and one job where they paid me to Google. All day. I still don’t really understand what I did there.

What I can do for you

I can write all the things, but more specifically:

  • website copy
  • marketing emails
  • in fact, all kinds of marketing materials – print advertisements, brochures, case studies, product descriptions etc
  • other things you can post on the Internet, drop in a letterbox or shout from the back of a slow-moving truck.

Other things I am good at:

  • Research (because I want to know EVERYTHING)
  • Finding quirky images to dress up your content
  • Meeting deadlines (and time management generally). They say that if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. I am very, extremely busy. But not too busy. I am just the right amount of busy.
  • Knowing the words (or at least the chorus) to every song played on SmoothFM
  • Predicting the ending of 45-minute crime shows. That’s what comes of being a writer. I see plot lines like Neo sees the Matrix.

Like what you see? Make contact!

That’s it. Really. Move along…

Ok, Nosy. If you must know, I am currently living in Melbourne raising four kidlets and one freelance copywriting business.

Despite a paralysing fear of birds (thanks, Alfred Hitchcock) I have managed to convince my gullible offspring that we have a pet crow, named Russell. I’ll let the hilariousness of that sink in…
there you go. Fellow parents should note that this ruse has, thus far, saved me from the inevitable expensive food and vet bills, not to mention the extra vacuuming. You’re welcome.

I can most often be found writing (my favourite thing) at my over-sized dining room table. In my spare (ha!) time, I also love reading (no less than three books at once), cooking meals that take less than 30 minutes (and involve minimal washing up), perfecting my Spotify playlist (which is totally boss) and secretly making fun of people who say “for all intensive purposes”.



What do you think this is? Scroller-derby? That really is it. If you’re still hungry go munch on some blogs.